In the last editorial we provided an overview of the historical momentum of global tyranny that’s being disrupted by the decentralization of information (internet) and money (bitcoin).

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Here we will take a closer look at something most analysts (and even Bitcoin Maxis) aren’t fully aware of, yet…


Most/all Bitcoiners understand that Bitcoin is fixing a highly fundamental layer of what it means to be human.

Namely the ability to freely transfer value across time and space without fear of being censored by any “authority”.

This unique ability that only Bitcoin has – and can have – is being proven more and more crucial every day by current world events.

The wannabe controllers have clearly decided to go ahead with their “great reset” plan, also known as “build back better”.

This plan is, among other things, to break down the fabric of society by “reckless” monetary policies causing previously unthinkable levels of inflation also in the west.

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None of this is by “accident”. It has all been planned for a long time, and been implemented gradually then suddenly.

The end game was unleashed when a loose cannon “outsider” they couldn’t control managed to get into the White House.

They are “all in” and way past the point of no return, as the global crimes against humanity they have committed in so many different ways are being exposed to more and more people every day.

They are therefore desperately trying to create as much global chaos and negativity as possible, by any means they still have at their disposal.

In this chaotic and uncertain global financial environment, Bitcoin has held strong despite being way down from the last all time high.

People are going to need a safe haven to store their savings, and gold is just not practical when you may need to move large sums across borders at a moments notice.

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The most underestimated thing about Bitcoin however, is that it provides a positive focus that transcends the planned chaos and breakdown of society.

Everyone needs a sound store of value – poor as well as rich – which makes Bitcoin a universal uniter that “everyone” will soon understand the value of.

However, Bitcoin is more than just a store of value, it’s a living and breathing leaderless global project that everyone can get into one way or the other.

You can learn to run a node, save money by heating your home with DIY Bitcoin miners, write a Bitcoin blog, create a Bitcoin website, post on twitter, hold Bitcoin meetings, orange pill strangers while making new friends in the process, and so much more.

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In other words, Bitcoin gives all of humanity – every single person who values freedom and money – a positive focus through the ongoing chaos and collapse.

Even if you “only” take self-custody and save in Bitcoin, you are still contributing to the monetary Noah’s Ark that benefits us all.

The wannabe controllers don’t want you to have a positive focus. They want you to be scared into submission, like so many were with the whole covid situation.

Money is the only thing that’s universal enough to unite humanity at this point, and Bitcoin is close to perfect money.

It stores your value in the most flexible and safe way possible, and it gives you something constructive and positive to focus on.

More importantly, focusing on Bitcoin doesn’t actually oppose any of the negativity of the wannabe controllers.

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Instead, you’re simply transcending their whole paradigm of control, enslavement and negativity by focusing on building a far better alternative – an alternative that they cannot touch.

What you resist tends to persist, and this is what the wannabe controllers are counting on.

They want people to resist, as this contributes to the chaos, which gives them the opportunity and excuse for even tighter control measures.

What they absolutely don’t want, is for humanity to unite around a common, constructive cause, like say; ultrasound, incorruptible money controlled by no one.

We are fast approaching a point where Bitcoin will ‘click’ in the mass consciousness of our species.

When it clicks, pretty much everyone will want Bitcoin, and the price in fiat will skyrocket beyond belief.

The 100th monkey effect can kick in at any time these days, and I think 2023 will be very interesting.

Bitcoin solves so many global problems at the same time, so there is more than enough projects for pretty much anyone to get involved with.

The important thing is that Bitcoin provides a safe haven for everyone’s savings through the planned collapse, as well as a universal and positive focal point that transcends the negative control paradigm.

These two factors alone is all you need to know to understand why Bitcoin is about to explode, and why sitting on the fence is a waste of time/money.

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