It might be ironic that the Proof-Of-Stake crowd don’t seem to realize what’s at stake, but it’s hardly surprising.

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Finger-pointing is not the point though.

Most of us are born into the nanny-state matrix, splashing around in our little pods, while being taken care of from cradle to grave.

The big difference is that some of us took the time and effort to study history, and to see the larger picture.

People who realize what’s at stake have no interest in “getting rich quick” schemes, nor do they care about the latest batch of pixel monkeys.

They are laser-focused on one thing only, and that is building an Ark that can carry all of us in the times ahead.

Bitcoin ark

They’ve seen the storm that’s brewing for a long time already, and they are getting tired of people living in denial.

They are wisely positioning themselves to surf the tidal wave that’s coming, and hopefully you will too after reading this article.

You cannot understand what’s at stake if you don’t understand the historical momentum that’s led us to this point.

We are indeed “all in this together“, but only a relatively small group is actually working towards the solution to our collective problem.

This is why we can seem “toxic” at times, because it’s so blatantly obvious that everything else in “crypto” is a futile distraction (at best).

Without sound, uncensorable and decentralized money, CBDC tyranny is unavoidable.

Only Bitcoin can save humanity from that bleak reality.

Everything else is centralized, and therefore easily corrupted/controlled with a single all-too-human point of failure.

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The tyranny pressure is constant, while checks and balances erode

Our history is filled with empires that grew to almost dominate the whole world, until they finally collapsed.

The US was founded and built by people who fled from a tyrannical empire that had enslaved a large part of the world, namely the British Empire.

Tyranny has been the norm throughout history, and the infrastructure for global tyranny has been built all around us – while being financed by us – as the nanny-state fed us bread and circus.

The founding fathers understood all too well how the pressure of tyranny and corruption is always present.

They did their very best to create a system of checks and balances to keep tyranny at bay, but it eroded over time.

The final nail in the coffin of freedom came when the central bank “federal reserve” system was finally implemented in 1913, after Jackson and others had fought “The Bank” for a long time already.

The tyrannical forces now had total control of the money printer, and it went exactly like Jefferson predicted:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

The march towards total tyranny accelerated from that point forward, with the income tax being implemented the very same year.

The US – that started as a beacon of freedom and hope in a dark world – soon became a vehicle/muscle to implement global tyranny.

This is why the US has supported and installed so many dictators all over the world, as you only need to control essentially one person per nation to control the world.

The dictators they “take out” are simply the ones who get rebellious and don’t play ball.

It was all done in the name of “freedom and democracy”, of course, and consent is easily manufactured when you own/control the narrative via the “free press”.

Fast-forward to recent times, and the global tyranny agenda is rolling out full steam via different global crisis – be that real, imaginary or manufactured crisis.

It makes no difference, as the “solution” is always more centralization of power, control and resources.

Decentralization is the antidote

As you understand from the above, there is a great historical momentum of evermore consolidation and centralization of power, wealth and resources into the tyranny machine.

The end game of this whole momentum is playing out right now, which is why you’re seeing one global crisis being rolled out after another.

They need global crisis to present global “solutions”, and the solutions are always more control to the controllers.

There are two innovations disrupting this momentum, and both are fundamental enough to change the outcome.

Firstly, we have the Internet, which decentralized what used to be a coherent, controlled and one-sided narrative.

Internet allows people to see things from many different angles and perspectives, instead of getting spoon-fed the same narrative as everyone else at the same time (which creates a global self-reinforcing echo chamber).

The chaotic world we see manifested today is basically the breaking point between the old/indoctrinated narrative/paradigm, versus new, paradigm-breaking information from decentralized sources.

The information layer is primary, and it was disrupted by the innovation of the Internet, while the secondary monetary layer is being disrupted by Bitcoin.

The wannabe controllers have already lost control of the narrative, although many are still clinging to the old paradigm because they have become “hopelessly dependent on the system” (to quote the Matrix).

If they also lose control of money, there is no way they can succeed with their agenda of total control and enslavement.

cbdc tyranny

Bitcoin is the universal uniter we’ve been waiting for

The above is the world Bitcoin Maxis have long since opened their eyes to.

This is why they may seem “toxic” to those who prefer to stay asleep in their little Matrix fiat/”alt” bubble.

The bubble is comfy – at least for now – and waking up to face reality is not.

This is the root cause of the whole “conflict”, and it’s reinforced by pot commitment, tribalism and false hopium.

Ethereum (and the 20K+ “altcoin” projects) are all easily censored and controlled by the wannabe controllers.

This should be fairly obvious to anyone after the recent Tornado Cash debacle.

All “crypto” projects have an all-too-human single point of failure, whereas Bitcoin does not (and you cannot re-invent that).

“Alts” pulverize, balkanize and pit people against each other, which is classic divide and conquer tactics.

When you realize what’s at stake, you understand that Bitcoin is the only alternative to CBDC tyranny…

All other “crypto” projects are not only a waste of time, they distract people from joining and contributing the the solution.

Humanity must unite to stand a chance, and only Bitcoin has what it takes to be that great uniter.

Bitcoin is universal, it cannot be stopped or censored, and it’s a tide that lifts all boats (stacked with #sats).

People will be forced to realize this more and more in the times ahead, so it’s better to get in early.

Everyone needs a hard-capped, sound, unstoppable store of value in these times of rampant inflation, and Bitcoin provides that service to all of us.

We are all part of the network of humanity, and the Bitcoin Network serves all of us as we serve it.

We must drop greedy, short-term distractions, and instead focus on long-term and lasting solutions.

Bitcoin is a new paradigm of permissionless freedom, while “alts”/CBDCs are the opposite.

You vote for either of those two realities right now with your wallet:

The New World Order of total surveillance tyranny, or the Bitcoin World Order of self-empowerment and individual freedom.

The choice is yours. If it looks bleak, here’s a little known x-factor that may encourage you

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