The short answer is: Bitcoin has massive and incredible real world utility.

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Bitcoin solves major real world problems in a way that only Bitcoin (and the proof-of-work protocol) can do.

Anything with a proof-of-stake protocol is unable to solve the problems we’ll take a look at below. The same goes for anything that’s not truly decentralized. Altcoins are therefore unironically no alternative.

When an unstoppable innovation solves so many major world problems all at once, it will go mainstream sooner rather than later.

99.8 % of the population is still completely unaware of the major problems only Bitcoin/PoW solves, so knowing the below is akin to “inside information”.

Problem #1: Rising inflation and government oppression

bitcoin and inflation

As inflation is rising to “third world” levels even in the west, people will need a simple way to preserve their purchasing power. Bitcoin is already being used for that purpose in many “third world” nations.

Purchasing power half-life:

The fact that the image above is already outdated only proves the point…

People living under oppressive regimes don’t have the luxury of a choice. They understand the dangers of hyperinflation. They understand the value of an absolute scarce, immutable and hard-to-confiscate/censor asset. Check the video below to see for yourself:

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Many people in the west are still dancing on deck as MS Fiat Titanic is sinking.

This will probably change once people see the purchasing power of their life savings being sliced in half in a matter of years, not decades.

Bitcoin is the absolute scarce life raft, and the whole world is about to realize that the hard (money) way.

Bitcoin also separates money and state, and it’s a highly important tool for freedom from government oppression.

Problem #2: Renewable energy scaling and energy innovation

innovation valley of death Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol converts electricity directly into money. That is a major innovation in and of itself, and it’s hardly understood by the majority at this point.

Bitcoin miners are reliable buyers of last resort, and extremely flexible at that. This is why Bitcoin fixes the energy grid:

  • Is a way of turning energy into money
  • Makes the grid more stable because power companies can control demand
  • Incentivizes more power plants which improves the lives of the poor
  • Incentivizes the construction of “renewable” power sources like wind and solar
  • Frees trapped energy that would otherwise be wasted
  • Makes use of unreliable power that would otherwise be wasted
  • Potentially gets giant corporations to hold Bitcoin on their balance sheets thereby massively increasing adoption of the most pristine asset on the planet

Bitcoin also bridges the “innovation valley of death”. New energy innovations can start small by financing themselves via Bitcoin mining, and scale up over time.

Bitcoin can also “eliminate 5.32% of all global emissions by 2045. This represents 23% of all global methane emissions: more than half the UNEP’s targeted reduction of methane of 45% by 2045.”

Problem #3: Producing heat the traditional way is expensive

Bitcoin mining produces an enormous amount of excess heat, which may seem like a waste at first glance.

However, this means that humanity now has an innovation that produces both money and a large amount of heat at the same time. Let that sink in for a minute.

People are already using Bitcoin mining to heat up their houses, water tanks and even pools, and here’s an open source project to create near-silent Bitcoin-mining house-heating devices. Here’s a DIY guide to heating your home with Bitcoin mining…

Any office building in the cold part of the world can easily install Bitcoin miners to heat each floor, and make a profit at the same time. In fact, things like this is already happening…

Problem #4: Spam and cyberspace attacks

Spam is extremely annoying, but there is an easy fix on the way thanks to Bitcoin.

Jack Maller’s solution to email spam is as simple as it is elegant. You must pay a small amount of sats to be able to send an email to someone. Each can choose their own price. This makes it too expensive for spammers to operate.

The same solution works for social media, and all sorts of things in cyberspace, via what Jason Lowery calls “proof-of-work cyberdome protection”.

The PoW protocol is already protecting the enormous amount of money stored in the Bitcoin network, and it can easily protect all sorts of software as well:


NB! This is a short version of a longer and more detailed article with even more Bitcoin solutions. Check it out if you want to go even deeper down the “Bitcoin fixes this” rabbit hole.

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