If you don’t know how to induce FOMO and a sense of urgency in people, your orange-pilling game will continue to suck forever.

The good news is that these “salesmanship” concepts are easy to learn, and extremely effective (and ethical) if you use them correctly.

This can be considered part 2 of Orange-pilling secrets from an ad copywriter, which was published in Bitcoin Magazine 6th of May 2023.

This follow-up article will be published on Bitcoin Maxi News only, however, as this does not require a longer editorial process.

Bitcoin is basically any salesperson’s wet dream, but that hardly helps if you’re “selling it” without much understanding of the sales process to begin with.

Worry not, as you will get up to speed quickly by reading the BM article linked to above, as well as this article.

Not only is Bitcoin a great “product” that every bitcoiner truly believes in (and is passionate about), it also solves major world problems (and it has built-in absolute scarcity!).

In addition, Bitcoin has a total addressable market of ∼$900T, while being relevant as a store of value for all 8B+ people (and basically all companies, institutions and countries) on the planet.

There is a good reason why Bitcoin sells itself like hot cakes to anyone who actually takes the time to understand it.

However, the orange-pilling game is all about nudging people who don’t take that time in the right direction.

Let’s therefore dive in.

Urgency, FOMO & The Irresistible Deal™ that Is Bitcoin

You have to instill a sense of urgency to start that ticking “FOMO clock” in their mind, and this is where most people, due to lack of knowledge, tend to go wrong in their orange-pilling attempts.

Otherwise, whatever “bitcoin education” you give them will soon be forgotten.

People, at a primary level, are always interested in “what’s in it for me, me, me”, no matter what they pretend for themselves and others on the surface.

The sense of urgency will keep nagging them long after your orange-pilling attempt, if you do it right, as the fear of missing out on a great deal is not something that’s easily forgotten.

Chances are that this nagging sense of urgency will spur them to learn more about Bitcoin on their own (perhaps in secret at first), just to see what the hype is all about.

This is what you want, actually, and it will usually not happen with the boring and purely educational approach.

If this happens they will many times orange-pill themselves, which is far more effective than anything you can do anyway.

The good news is that I have created a free 25-minute Bitcoin MasterClass (written in the style of a high-powered, old-school “sales letter”) for that exact purpose.

If you give them that link as part of your orange-pilling session, they will have somewhere to go that’s capable of converting and onboarding them in one relatively brief sitting.

Tons of sourced proof elements back up all the claims, so they can discover it all for themselves in one place.

This 25-minute rabbit hole is, of course, laced with benefit-oriented copy that’s designed to amplify and justify their already building sense of FOMO and urgency.

This is how you hook ‘em, and keep their interest long enough to read the whole thing.

What they see cannot be unseen, and they will see stuff that 98+ % of the population is unaware of at this time.

Bitcoin can be presented in countless ways, but the most effective way when it comes to orange-pilling is to present Bitcoin as the Irresistible Offer™ that it is.

This can be done quickly, in a matter of minutes, as we shall see with the 3-step orange-pilling formula I will introduce you to below.

As long as you understand the underlying concepts, you can easily tailor-suit this formula to meet your needs.

When you get the hang of it, you will be able to do this seamlessly as the conversation develops, depending on what you pick up from the person you want to orange-pill.

Such a level of mastery takes practice, however, but you don’t want to waste opportunities without a system that works in your favor.

Therefore, without further ado, I present to you:

The Ultra Simple 3-Step Orange-Pilling Formula™

Step 1: Open with a question that directly/indirectly positions Bitcoin as the ticking time-bomb of wealth explosion that it is.

You need a strong hook to get their attention, and to keep them interested.

Important: even if they pretend to not be all that interested (defense mechanism), a deeper and more primal part of them will listen to what you have to say if you land this opener correctly.

It’s also important to be as casual and “neutral” about it as possible. Just throw it out there, and be interested in what they think about it. Do not go in with a mindset that you need to “convince them” of anything.

If you do, it will create an equal and opposite force of resistance in them at the subconscious level, and you want to minimize that.

With that said, let’s take a look at some opening hooks you can work with:

a) “So, what do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin once critical mass realizes that Bitcoin mining not only solves global warming, but also the global energy crisis?”

b) “Did you know that the strongest currency in the world, the US dollar, has collapsed completely against Bitcoin over just 13 years with less than 1% Bitcoin adoption? What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when adoption reaches 10 or 25 %? It’s spreading faster than the Internet did in its time.”

c) “Almost all countries in the world are now experiencing rampant inflation due to unrestrained money printing. What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when critical mass realizes that Bitcoin will rise forever against any inflationary currency due to its fixed 21m hard cap?”

d) “Did you know that Bitcoin competes in the $900T store of value market? It only has to capture 5% of that market for 1 BTC to be worth $2+ million. Adoption is spreading faster than the Internet did. What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when this knowledge goes mainstream?”

e) “Did you know that Bitcoin brings hope and freedom from economic slavery in many isolated pockets and communities in Africa, South America, and in other 3rd world nations? What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when this spreads across the whole world?”

f) “What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when countries all over the world start to realize that any stranded natural gas field they may have is a literal digital gold mine waiting to be tapped? This even helps the environment by mitigating methane emissions (which are 80x worse than CO2 (if you believe CO2 is a problem)).”

You can combine these openers as you see fit, or come up with your own versions and angles.

Either way, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the orange-pilling rabbit hole I’ve created.

Of course, you need to be prepared for resistance, objections, and skepticism. This leads us to:

Step 2: Present some irrefutable proof elements backing up your claims (keep them ready on your phone), and give them a link to the orange-pilling rabbit hole so they can take their time with it.

Less is more when it comes to step 2.

You don’t want to overwhelm them in what’s a casual, friendly, and fun conversation.

Simply show them a few strong, credible proof elements (check the rabbit hole for inspiration), and the link takes care of the rest.

Step 3: Close by reminding them that this is an early-bird opportunity that will not last forever, and that the rabbit hole link gives them what’s akin to legal “insider knowledge” that 98% of the world don’t understand – yet…


With this formula you present Bitcoin as an irresistible offer in a way that makes them realize that waiting to get in is far more risky than getting off zero.

Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal, and this is far more effective than simply educating them about Bitcoin’s many hard-to-grasp, and boring (in their eyes) “features”.

It can be done casually in a matter of minutes, which is enough to plant the seed of FOMO in them (and make them curious).

The orange-pilling rabbit hole will do all the heavy lifting for you, and next time you might just meet up with a fellow bitcoiner.

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