Whether you love him or hate him; Trump basically split the mass consciousness of this planet in two.

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Read on to understand what this has to do with Bitcoin and the FTX collapse…

As the “wheat is being separated from the chaff” in these civilization-upgrading “end times”, the #Bitcoin space and the #crypto space find themselves on opposite sides of that all-important split.


Before we continue, here are two examples of the highly polarized response to the paradigm/reality-splitting Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS):

Just like Bitcoin is living its own life independent of Satoshi, so the mass consciousness split is now playing out independently from the catalyst that initiated it (Trump’s unexpected rise to Presidency).

The split is essentially between those who are steeped in dense victim mentality, and those who’re into self-empowerment, truth and freedom.

Mass victim mentality has a flip side, and that flip side is tyranny (“for people’s own good”, of course).

This is also why leftists can flip back and forth from abuser to “victim” in an instant, and not least if they face immediate consequences of their often violent actions.

People in victim mentality (which is usually unconscious, suppressed and projected onto “poor minorities” or whatever) wants to be “taken care of” by a “higher power”.

Bitcoin paradigm

Be that a fictional idea of “god”, or “godlike” kings, priests, and/or governments.

They are too fragmented to have integrity, which means they have no adherence to principle.

They go with the herd, since you need integrity to stand alone, and you also need integrity to understand the value of Bitcoin.

It’s not immediately graspable just how good Bitcoin is for all of humanity, and surface-skating scatterbrains with no adherence to principle cannot even begin to scratch the surface.

Fast forward to the collapse of FTX, which “shocked” everyone but Bitcoin maxis (who had been warning about it, as usual).

In the context of the ongoing species/civilization upgrading split (separating victim mentality from self-empowerment), only Bitcoin has verifiable, unquestionable integrity.

All “altcoin” projects, even if initially well-intended, have all-too-human single points of failure, like Sam Bankman-Fried now has demonstrated all too clearly.

Only things and people of integrity will remain standing when the dust from the paradigm-shifting #shit(coin)storm finally settles, or at least they will be dominating that paradigm.

Bitcoin is therefore the only and obvious choice for the emerging self-empowered paradigm based in truth, transparency and integrity.



Because Bitcoin benefits everyone with no central control of anything.

People may get into Bitcoin out of pure greed, but they will still be contributing to a network and paradigm that benefits everyone.

Now, that’s some “effective altruism” for you right there…

They will want Bitcoin to succeed, so they will help other bitcoiners succeed with whatever they’re doing for Bitcoin.

It’s a positive feedback-loop of optimism that will escalate into a renaissance of mutually beneficial cooperation the likes of which we’ve never seen.

“Alts” on the other hand, benefit the pre-mining founders, and a few lucky gamblers and insiders who got out before the rug-pull.

If humanity evolves to a point where a certain group can be granted a money-printer without abusing it, well, then money is no longer needed.

Bitcoin removes trust from the equation.

It’s therefore the perfect vehicle to take us from the current breakdown chaos to a higher integrity paradigm, where money at some point is no longer needed at all.

I call this the Mutually Beneficial Cooperation paradigm, as mentioned above.

“Alts” are basically the dust spun up as the tectonic innovation that is #Bitcoin shifts gears to leave everyone and everything without integrity behind to eat it.

No human being can be trusted to not be – or become – corrupted in this highly politicized and polarized macro climate of tyranny pressure.

However, Bitcoin can always be trusted to be – and do – exactly what it’s doing.

That is to provide a 100% politically/ideologically neutral, uncensorable and unstoppable world-wide monetary network, a store of value that cannot be debased, and a 100% transparent monetary policy that nobody can change.

In the “altcoin” paradigm, everyone has a money-printer, while in the Bitcoin paradigm nobody does.

Getting into Bitcoin gives people a sense of purpose, which lifts you of out victim mentality, and it also sharpens your mind/intellect as you study it more deeply.

Bitcoin unites and shepherds humanity into a self-empowerment paradigm.

“Alts” (which aren’t even a real alternative) divide and conquer as CBDC precursors (even if the initial founders have high integrity)

To sum it up:

When you realize that humanity is moving into a higher paradigm based in integrity, #BitcoinOnly becomes obvious. Everything w/o integrity will be exposed and collapse, and only #Bitcoin has, and can have, verifiable/trustless integrity.

Choose wisely, cause your future depends on it…

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