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Bitcoin Maxi News is a Bitcoin only news aggregator site that gets you up to speed on the latest Bitcoin related news all in one place.

We present the best from Bitcoin Twitter and many other sources every day, as well as Bitcoin-only RSS feeds from all the best Bitcoin News sites below the handpicked stories.

Bitcoin is a tide that raises all boats (if loaded with #sats that is), and this is the ethos of Bitcoin Maxi News as well. We give regular bitcoiners a spotlight to be recognized, not only “influencers” who already get enough attention.

If you’re doing something for/with Bitcoin that you feel deserves attention, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email (see below).

We define “Bitcoin Maximalism” first and foremost as being dedicated to truth in all aspects of life. We recognize that Bitcoin is the truest form of money, and that Bitcoin is a monetary network that benefits all of humanity. We support the truth revolution that Bitcoin is a major part of.

We stack the news while you stack the #sats, and we recognize that only Bitcoin can solve major real world problems.

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